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Why are Paige Tips made only for Propane & Natural Gas?
Propane & natural gas (+ oxygen) are clean burning gasses and the Best choice for jewelry making. We believe using either of these gasses will improve work quality and Torch performance. 
Can Paige Tips be cleaned?
Yes. Boiling Tips in clean water for a few minutes or using a jeweler's steam cleaner, or ultrasonic cleaner, will generally remove adhered flux or other dirt obstructions. Rinse in hot water after cleaning and allow Tips to dry fully.
What are the best applications (or use) for the special MA Tips?
Soldering larger or heavier pieces of jewelry (especially silver alloys), annealing and melting of silver & gold alloys plus Glass Working activities.
What gas pressures are best to use with the M, X and MA Tips?
Every Torch (brand) operates best using gas pressures within it's design parameters. Our Tips produce their full range of flame sizes and profiles within the gas pressure ranges of the Torches we support. Some General Guidelines using our Tips. 
Meco Midget / Hoke:
Propane or Natural Gas: up to 6 psi. Oxygen up to 5 psi. (Either fuel gas is Good)
"Little Torch"
Propane: up to 8 psi. Oxygen up to 10 psi. (We suggest Propane with the "Little Torch")
Natural Gas: about 5 psi. Oxygen about 7 psi. 
(Note: Residential natural gas "delivery" pressure [from municipalities] is often around 1 psi. A pressure booster would be needed for correct Tip performance.)
(Always adjust gas pressures as needed between Tip series & sizes.)
Would additional Ports be beneficial on the M, X or MA Tips?
We tested Tip designs with various numbers (and designs) of ports in combination with many central hole diameters and learned 6 ports were optimal for both the M, X & MA Tips when used on small to medium size hand Torches. 
Would copper or stainless steel be better than brass for Paige Tips?
All things considered; such as heat dissipation, CNC machining, durability & cost yellow brass is the best choice for the M, X & MA Tips. We use stainless steel in 'parts' of our products where it bring benefits but at the "flame end" brass is still the best choice. 
Why do the flames around the outside of M & X Tips become smaller as Tip sizes increase? 
Port 'finger flame' size is partly related to a Tips central hole diameter. As each Tips center hole diameter changes finger flame size automatically adjusts. (Our MA Tips are designed to always produce large finger flames.) All our Tips are designed to maximize performance.
Will you be offering additional Tip sizes in the M, X and MA series? 
Some companies offer many Tip sizes. We feel our Tips easily cover the range of flame sizes needed for most applications. Additional Tip sizes would be overkill. Our goal is to offer customers what's actually "needed" not extra products in a Tip series of little use or benefit. 
Where can Paige products be purchased? 
At present please contact us directly. If you have a favorite supplier mention our products. 
 Any videos of your products?
 Yes, coming!
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A Torch should match the work.

Tip Design should match the Fuel Gas.

Paige Tips make this match.


Do not use Rosebud Tips with Disposable cylinders.