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Virtual Jewelry Making Class

Paige Tools is sponsoring a 'Virtual' Classroom on a range of jewelry making topics. Information that's IDEAL for newer jewelry makers. Individuals with some experience we believe you'll benefit too.

Our Tech guy Richard, (your Instructor) worked as a fine jewelry maker full time for 46 years before working for Paige. Like most people he started in silver gradually refining his skills & adding techniques over the years. His decades at the bench working in all precious metals and gem materials on a wide variety of jewelry was his training ground. His resume is broad and his experience deep. A retail store owner, GIA graduate (Gemological Institute of America), wholesale manufacturer, jewelry school owner, Instructor & much more!  

Take advantage of Richards', knowledge, experience & focused style of teaching. You'll learn a lot and benefit from what you take away.

Schedule a ½ or 1 hour (one-on-one) 'Virtual' Class held over the phone on a weekend.

We need Richard, weekdays at Paige!

Cost: $49.95 for ½ hour / $79.95 for 1 hour. (All proceeds go to Richard, for his classes.)

Pick a weekend day & time. Contact Paige Tools by email or phone (206) 527-1515 to lock-in

your class. Saturday: 10am or 11am.  /  Sunday: 11am or 12noon. (Seattle Time)

Ask Questions during class + be ready to Take Notes!

Send photos of your jewelry or work space for review by Richard, before class if you like.

He will provide his email & phone when you book a class.

CLASS TOPIC SUGGESTIONS: (or subject matter you prefer)

How-To setup your Torch easily & safely + understanding a Torch flame & How To adjust it for maximum effect.

*Above are fundamentals in soldering!

Soldering: Best solders, flux, pickle and great places to purchase you didn't know about.

Bezel making Tips & Tricks.

What to know about Flex shafts & hand pieces 'Before you buy.'

Most important tools to acquire in the beginning.

Best gems, shapes & sizes that SELL.

How-To get started learning prong & flush setting.

Finishing Techniques: Antiquing, Satin, Polished & Hammer textures.

Lost wax casting: How To get started for low cost.

Lets fix it... We'll solve a problem you're having.

Turn your jewelry making into $.

"Learned a lot."


"Richard is the Best."

"Easy to understand and learn from."

"A hidden gem of instruction."

"Perfect for a short class!"

"Thanks for the new tool and metal sources too."

  Student Comments

Innovation - Design - Performance 

"Very giving of his time & expertise."