Soft to Powerful Flames

Soldering  / Annealing





"Tuned" for Propane / Natural Gas

M Series "Multi-Port" Tips

Paige Tips have six, shaped 'Ports' around the central orifice + an internal

mixing chamber allowing Propane & Natural Gas (with oxygen) to burn 'Correctly.'

Connct Paige Tips to the Little Torch.

Made from hardened Stainless Steel & Brass.

When you want BIG Heat from your Torch,

use one of our Rosebud Tips!

*Rosebuds are or Annealing & Large Object Soldering.

Not for use with 'Disposable' cylinders.

Not designed for melting or Glass Working.

Little Torch = MA-1 only

Make the Little Torch...

NK / UN Adapters

  Connect  Paige Tips to More Torches.

Tips Holder

Precision machined. Thick aluminum plate. Anodized with stainless steel studs.

Subscribers receive 'Specials.'

Rated #1 Tips

by Jewelry Makers


MX Tip

MLT Adapter

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