Soft to Powerful Flames

Soldering  / Annealing





"Tuned" for Propane / Natural Gas

M Series "Multi-Port" Tips

Paige Tips have six, shaped 'Ports' around the central orifice + an internal

mixing chamber allowing Propane & Natural Gas (with oxygen) to burn 'Correctly.'

Connect Paige Tips to the Little Torch.

  Connect  Paige Tips to the Hoke Torch.

When you want BIG Heat from your Torch,

use one of these Tips!

*Made for Annealing & Large Object soldering.

Only use the MA-1 with the Little Torch.

Not for use with 'Disposable' cylinders.

Not designed as melting Tips.

Make the Little Torch...

MLT Adapter

Innovation - Design - Performance 

MMH Adapter