Soft to Powerful Flames

Soldering  / Annealing

Jewelry Schools / Teachers

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MLT Adapter

Connect  M / MA Tips

to the Little Torch.



M-0  Tiny  flame

M-1  Mini flame

M-2  Small  flame

M-3  Medium  flame

M-4  Large  flame

M-5 Largest  flame

        $15.95 ea  

        $16.95 ea  M-0 Tip

   MA Rosebud Tips

    Our Design creates flames

    from whisper-soft to a...

         "Rocket Flame"

              For Annealing &

        Large Object Soldering.

  MA-1  $29.95

  MA-2  $38.95  /  SALE  $19.95       


USA Shipping: $6.90

Canada: $10.50

Other Countries: Inquire

Paige Toos Propane Tip
Paige Tools Rosebud Tips
Paige Little Torch Adapter

"Amazing Tips"

Prices are MSRP & subject to change without notice.

Always Fully Attach Tips & Adapters. Tips produce a range of flame sizes at different Torch adjustments.

   Paige Tools, Inc. retains the right to refuse sales to      people we believe may not be qualified to use our products or have been deceptive in the order process.

Paige Little Torch M5 Set

MMH Adapter

Connect Paige Tips

  to the Hoke Torch.


Tips Holder

1.5" x 3.25"

Thick Aluminum Plate.

Anodized with stainless steel studs.

(Reg. 23.95)

$17.95 with a Set

Paige Tools Hoke Adapter

What we hear

over & over again.

Paige Tools Hoke Tips

* Rosebuds Not for use with

Disposable cylinders.

Not designed for Melting.

Not designed as Melting Tips.

Subscribers receive 'Specials.'

Little Torch

'Master' Set

Solder, Anneal, Fuse, Reticulate.

A Set to do it iall.

Vitsit our  Etsy store for a complete description + photos and pricing.

Paige Tools Meco Tips

Innovation - Design - Performance 


Safety Info.

Little Torch Sets

propane  /  Natural Gas

M5 Set  M-1 to M-5 Tips + MLT Adapter + Tips Holder  $125.95

M4 Set M-1 to M-4 Tips + MLT Adapter $89.95

Add  MA-1 Rosebud   $22.95

Meco Midget Sets

propane  /  Natural Gas

               M5 Set M-1 to M-5 Tips $74.95

               M4 Set  M-1 to M-4 Tips  $59.95

Rosebuds:  MA-1 $22.95  -  MA-2 19.95

Meco 'Master' Set  (Visit our Etsy store)

Hoke Torch Sets

propane  /  Natural Gas

M-1 to M-5 Tips + MMH Adapter $84.95

(Visit our Etsy store for more Hoke Sets)

Rosebuds: MA-1 $22.95 -  MA-2 $19.95

Little Torch 'Starter Set'

propane  /  Natural Gas

M-2, M-3, M-4 Tips + MLT Adapter  $74.95

Add MA-1 Rosebud  $22.95