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Jewelry Schools - Teachers

Paige Tools gives up to a 15% *Discount on our products to Schools, & Crafts Centers that offer jewelry making classes. Students may also receive a discount on purchase of a Tips Set.

In addition we provide Flat Rate Shipping of $6.95 with this program.

If you teach jewelry making at a private facility or give online classes you may also quality for these discounts. Call for details. (206) 527-1515

Send us a link to your www website or the facility where you teach with your current class listed or an online class link with your name as a current instructor.  

*Discounts may not be combined with Specials, Sales or Closeouts. Discount % depends on purchase amount.

Rated #1 Tips

by Jewelry Makers

Schools... Instructors?

Are you using Acetylene? It's a great fuel gas for welding 'steel' but a poor choice with precious metals, copper & brass. Paige Tools could easily produce products for acetylene but we chose an 'Alternative' fuel gas, Propane, for its superior benefits in jewelry making. Clean Burning, Not an overly concentrated flame, Cost Effective & Safer.

Do you know about the 15 PSI Warning re: Acetylene? (Google that)  

Our Tip products allow popular jewelry making Torches to really preform! Students depend on your instruction & advise. Give them the benefit of what a majority of jewelry makers understand... A fuel gas like Propane

is the 'Way to Go.'

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