Soft to Powerful Flames

Soldering / Annealing

Melting   (MX Tip)

Meco Midget + Paige Tips


Little Torch + Paige Tips

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Little Torch - Meco Midget - Gentec - Etc.

Tips "Tuned"  Propane / Oxy - Natural Gas / Oxy

The "BEST" Torch Improvement you can make!

Tips create More Heat Output than stock, single orifice Tips.

Tips produce  Stable Flames without easily jumping off the Tip & blowing out.

Tips make a Wider Range of flame Sizes: Tiny, Soft & BIG, Powerful flames!

Tips allow  Easier Flame Adjustment to Reducing, Neutral & Oxidizing flames.

Tips support  Better Mixing of Gasses for Superior Burn properties.

If you want Precision Flame Control with your Torch our 'Multi-Port' Tips Little Torch, Meco, Gentec & others in all applications. Don't let 'Single Hole' Tips restrict your Torch when using Propane or Natural Gas. Upgrade to Paige 'Multi-Port' Tips!   ...They WORK!

M Tips = Soldering / MX Tip = Melting

MA Rosebuds = Annealing + Large Object Soldering

Adapters allow using Paige Tips on many Torches.


Smith AW1A

Victor J-28

Harris 15-3



"Tuned"... for  Propane & Natural Gas ...w/oxygen

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