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30 Books / Publications written by well known individuals with a combined lifetime of at-the-bench expertise in a wide range of jewelry making technics. A Sweeping coverage of jewelry making subject matter.

Understand the process of jewelry design & execution using precious & non precious metals & other materials. The books contain Hundreds of photos, illustrations, tables & detailed explanations. All types of Fabrication, Casting, Stone Setting, Enameling, Mold Making, Tool Making, Jewelry Repair, Chemical Processes, Formulas, Gemology, Gem Cutting & more!   An A-Z Library on the creation of Jewelry.

🔹840 page book by OPPI  UNTRACHT, is considered the Bible on jewelry making.

🔹The Platinum course is one-of-a-kind. Not available anywhere else.

🔹Collectable, out of print publications in addition to the books pictured.

Photos (pages 1- 4 below)  show only part of what’s contained in this offering. Books are basically in sound to excellent condition. Sold as a Complete Collection for $399.

Here is an 'opportunity' to own a Library of jewelry making instruction & information that offers a lifetime of study and access to the expertise of Masters on traditional jewelry making techniques!

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For Sale: The Best Library of Jewelry Making Publications Ever Offered.

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