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"Richard, is the Best."

"Easy to understand and learn from."

"A hidden gem of instruction."

"Perfect for a 2-5 hour class."

"Amazing technical knowledge."

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"Very giving of his time and expertise."

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Tutoring / Consulting + Classes

"Casting was fun & easier than I thought."

"Better than social media for sure."

"Now I know how to solder, THANKS!"

"...Couple hours of tutoring made the difference. Highly recommended."

"Tutoring opened areas I'd never considered."

"Your help with my Etsy store is what I needed."

"...Tutoring helped me the most."

You'll work at this Bench if taking a class.

Soft to Powerful Flames

Soldering  / Annealing

Innovation - Design - Performance 

Our jewelry Tech Richard, has worked over 50 years in the jewelry industry.

Retail jewelry Store owner for 10 years, GIA graduate (Gemological Institute of America), wholesale & retail manufacturer, Pearl Farmer, Jewelry School owner, Author, Documentary Film Maker, Public Speaker & more. His experience is broad and deep. Take advantage of his background... You'll learn a lot and benefit from what you take away from consulting or an in-person class.

Jewelry Business & Bench Work: Phone Tutoring / Consulting: $135 hour.

Career Guidance - Product Marketing - Branding - Working With Stores & Galleries.

Consignment Contracts, Displays - Craft Shows & Social Media Marketing + Bench

techniques. Turn a jewelry making hobby into a Business!

Jewelry Class Suggestions: In-Person - Cost varies with the class.

Torch & Gas Set-up: We'll cover the works so you feel confident 'on your own.'

Soldering: We start with the basics, then cover techniques to produce beautiful work.

Bezel Making: Professional Tricks + How to set thick bezels.

Earrings: Making tempered ear posts, friction nut mods & special post soldering.

Rings & Pendants: Procedures covering, design, sizes + much more.

Shepherd Hooks: Fabrication Techniques to make the Best ear findings!

Finishing Techniques: hammer, engraved textures, satin, sand blasting & polishing.

Gem Setting: prongs, flush setting, bead setting, channel & pave' techniques.

Lost Wax Casting: Cast in Your Class. Wax working & how to make rubber molds.

Jewelry Repair: Silver, Gold, Platinum - Estate & Modern jewelry common repairs.

Electroplating: Easy & safe ways to expand design options & the finished look.

Gems / Pearls / Diamonds: Grading, Colors, Shapes... Know what Sells!

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