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Jewelry Schools / Students

Paige Tools gives a 15% * Discount  on our products to Schools & Crafts Centers that offer jewelry making classes. Students receive a discount on Tip Sets.

If you teach jewelry making at a private facility or give online classes you may quality for a 10% discount. Call for details. (206) 527-1515

Instructors: Send us a link to your website or the facility where you teach with your current class listed or a class link with your name as a current instructor.

Students: Send us documantation re: your current, paid class.

*Discounts may not be combined with Specials, Sales or Closeouts.

Rated #1 Tips

by Jewelry Makers

Are You Using Acetylene?

Acethylene is the best fuel gas for welding 'steel' but a poor choice for precious metals, copper & brass. Paige Tools could easily produce products for acetylene but we chose Propane & Natural Gas for their superior benefits in jewelry making... Clean Burning, Not Overly Hot, Cost Effective + Safer than Acetylene.

Do you know the 15 PSI Warning! re: Acetylene?  ...Google that.

Our Tip products allow popular jewelry making Torches to really preform! Students depend on your instruction & advise. Give them the benefit of what a majority of jewelry makers understand... Propane or Natural Gas is the Way to Go!

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