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  Rhodium plating is used to cover silver & gold metal with a hard, silver color finish that does NOT tarnish. Easy, fast & safe to do. Rhodium plated metal remains bright & does not oxidize. Plate parts of yellow gold to look silver as a decorative treatment. Easier than soldering-on silver decorations!

No (expensive) electroplating unit or Anode needed for Pen Plating. A regular, 9 volt battery works fine. This Rhodium solution uses 8-10 volts. ('Bath' Rhodium plating generally uses about 3 volts) Use this solution directly from the bottle. Solution is acid based. No cyanide. No mixing and no heating required. Rhodium is used from about 68F to 104F.

🔹A Brand New bottle of Pen Plating solution. Bottle contains 2 grams of Rhodium. This solution was made by the former German company Degussa, known for their top quality, precious metal products. Check out ANY other company for their cost on 2 Grams of Rhodium Pen Plating solution.

🔹 Plating pen included.

These photos show a Niton XL2 XRF instrument made by Thermo Fisher Scientific shooting *through* this bottle to analyze the solution. The XL2 is an $18,000.00 (thousand dollar) scientific instrument allowing Very Accurate Readings in about 1 second. Paige wanted to certify the solution before selling. We acquired this bottle of Rhodium from a US jewelry tools company that went out of business.

🔹Rh = 91.65% (rhodium)

🔹Ru = 2.57% (ruthenium)

🔹Pd = 2.02% (palladium)

Cost $290  Only shipped to a US address. Non returnable item.

Jewelry plating does Not need to be expensive or complicated as some videos show. No need to pay $$$ for commercial plating units. All precious metal plating of silver, gold, rhodium, etc., uses low voltage DC & very low current. Acid dips & electro cleaning is often not necessary.

Our Jewelry Tech can povide low cost plating suggestions that give great results.

2 Grams

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